Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Pillow Memory Foam

Q. How is the Sleep Collar different from a neck brace?


A. The Sleep Collar was designed for comfort and does not immobilize you like a brace. Physical therapists refer to this as "passive support". The Sleep Collar gently keeps your head and neck in proper alignment while still allowing natural movement. This "support when you need it" allows you to relax and helps to prevent soreness, even after prolonged use. 

Q. Other travel pillows push my head forward. Does the Sleep Collar? 

A. On the contrary. The Sleep Collar gives you support in the back of the head, but leaves a small gap. This key design feature prevents your head from being pushed forward. It is another reason the Sleep Collar keeps you cool.

Q. Is it hot? 

A. Not at all. In fact, the wicking fabric is quite cool. It is the same fabric that is used in expensive running shirts. There is also a design feature in the back that keeps you cool.

Q. Why is there only one size? 

A. Nearly every adult has a neck size between 12" and 18". With the internal flex-band, super-soft Memory Foam and adjustable strap, you can be assured your Sleep Collar will fit like it was custom made.

Q. How does it compare to inflatable travel pillows? 

A. The sleek design of the Sleep Collar makes it nearly as compact as the inflatables, while providing superior comfort and ease of use. Incredibly, it weighs under three ounces - less than a baseball cap. While reviewing inflatables, note how often they leak, have uncomfortable seams, don't have washable covers, or simply don't last.

Q. I've always had problems with other travel pillows. How is the Sleep Collar different? 

A. Design. The Sleep Collar was designed for the savvy traveler -travelers who have tried other travel pillows and found them lacking. Don't be fooled by the simple design. Tremendous planning was put into the shape, the materials, and the fabrics. The main difference is the support it gives on the front of your head, in addition to the sides and back. Other pillows are bulky and poorly designed for their purpose.