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Best travel pillow review

BEST TRAVEL PILLOW! - When you doze off does your head droop forward? The Embrace Sleep Collar keeps heads and necks in proper alignment.

-Group Travel World Magazine

YOU NEVER KNEW YOU NEEDED A SLEEP COLLAR - The Sleep Collar helps you maintain a healthy and comfortable posture.

-Daily Mail UK

INVEST IN ONE OF THESE SLEEP COLLARS IF YOU WANT TO SLEEP LIKE A BABY - It’s better than your standard travel neck pillows because it supports your neck and keeps your head upright while you sleep.



Comfort With a Sleep Collar - It's memory foam insides makes wearing this sleep assist an enjoyable experience, while the firmer cushioned outer layer, which supports your neck and head, assures you remain properly aligned and wake up without feeling stiff.

-Essential Travel Magazine

I like the Sleep Collar. It does the job very well and is much easier to carry light and simple. Nice looking, too. Highly recommended.

- Linda P., Pittsburgh, PA

This helped me sleep on my last flight. My head didn't bobble around and I had no aches after my nap. I like that it velcros right around my suitcase handle - easier for me to take along.

-Charles A. Pinecrest, FL

I’ve flown AA, SW and US with your collar. Love the "head-bob" support it gives. I think the collar is great!

- Denise H., Flight Attendant

I actually fell asleep on a plane.

- Melissa H., Newport Beach, CA

Good product! I bought this product because I wanted neck support for long trips.

- Daisy & Comet, Denver, CO

I just returned from a trip to NY. Slept well in both directions using the Embrace Sleep Collar. Great design. Makes it easy to sleep and I didn't wake up with a sore neck.

- Craig P., Las Vegas, NV

Really happy with this travel pillow - great neck support. Also very light and easy to carry. I use it on long flights across the country, and this is the best I've used. Comfy and works great.

- Barbara M., River Oaks, TX

I rarely sleep on planes and when I do I always have a stiff neck.

I slept nearly the entire flight home and my neck wasn't sore when we landed.

- Tom D., Honolulu, HI

This is great. Many thanks for figuring out how to create a comfortable and classy traveling sleep collar.

-Sandy N. Scottsdale, AZ

Love it. I can sleep in the car and no stiff neck!

-Dennis S. Albequerque, NM

Love it!! I normally toss and turn in search of that perfect plane sleeping position.. Never found one till now. However, with the collar I actually woke up rested and without a screaming neck and back ache.

-Lisa B. St. Louis, MO

I think it looks and feels great. Thanks to the people behind this product. I had been wishing someone made something like this and they do! I felt snug & smug in my Sleep Collar. I researched other products before choosing Embrace.

- Sarah H., Brisbane, Australia

Better than any "travel pillow"

- Thomas N., Syracuse, NY