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BEST TRAVEL PILLOW - When you doze off does your head droop forward? The Embrace Sleep Collar keeps heads and necks in proper alignment.

-Group Travel World Magazine

YOU NEVER KNEW YOU NEEDED A SLEEP COLLAR - The Sleep Collar helps you maintain a healthy and comfortable posture.

-Daily Mail UK

INVEST IN ONE OF THESE SLEEP COLLARS IF YOU WANT TO SLEEP LIKE A BABY - It’s better than your standard travel neck pillows because it supports your neck and keeps your head upright while you sleep.


I like the Sleep Collar. It does the job very well and is much easier to carry light and simple. Nice looking, too. Highly recommended.

- Linda P., Pittsburgh, PA

This helped me sleep on my last flight. My head didn't bobble around and I had no aches after my nap. I like that it velcros right around my suitcase handle - easier for me to take along.

-Charles A. Pinecrest, FL

I’ve flown AA, SW and US with your collar. Love the "head-bob" support it gives. I think the collar is great!

- Denise H., Flight Attendant

I actually fell asleep on a plane.

- Melissa H., Newport Beach, CA

Good product! I bought this product because I wanted neck support for long trips.

- Daisy & Comet, Denver, CO

I just returned from a trip to NY. Slept well in both directions using the Embrace Sleep Collar. Great design. Makes it easy to sleep and I didn't wake up with a sore neck.

- Craig P., Las Vegas, NV

Really happy with this travel pillow - great neck support. Also very light and easy to carry. I use it on long flights across the country, and this is the best I've used. Comfy and works great.

- Barbara M., River Oaks, TX

I rarely sleep on planes and when I do I always have a stiff neck.

I slept nearly the entire flight home and my neck wasn't sore when we landed.

- Tom D., Honolulu, HI

This is great. Many thanks for figuring out how to create a comfortable and classy traveling sleep collar.

-Sandy N. Scottsdale, AZ

Love it. I can sleep in the car and no stiff neck!

-Dennis S. Albequerque, NM

Love it!! I normally toss and turn in search of that perfect plane sleeping position.. Never found one till now. However, with the collar I actually woke up rested and without a screaming neck and back ache.

-Lisa B. St. Louis, MO

I think it looks and feels great. Thanks to the people behind this product. I had been wishing someone made something like this and they do! I felt snug & smug in my Sleep Collar. I researched other products before choosing Embrace.

- Sarah H., Brisbane, Australia

Better than any "travel pillow"

- Thomas N., Syracuse, NY

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